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The discovery was presaged by more than 10 years of Scientific Research in the field of Microbiological Detection & Safety by Scientists from Riga Technical Universilty.

EloKIT™ Technology is based on molecular methods, which are commonly known to be extremely precise and accurate. However, our method is also very user friendly and can be used in any laboratory without significant investments in lab equipment

CORE of Technology – a unique Scientific Know-How combination of special reagents and molecular techniques, which guarantees the exceptional accuracy of the proposed method. EloKIT™ Technology is very high capacity technology. While current products are designed for yeast & mould detection in different substrates (dairy production, water) - it is not limited those. Essentially, a rapid EloKIT™ test for almost any strain of bacteria can be developed to be used in any substrate (meat, dairy, drinks, beer, water, vegetables, etc.)

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